Each of our marketing packages is customized for you as an author.  Making sure that your marketing needs are met.  This process is started by setting up a one on one consultation where we discuss your needs and what marketing you already have in place.  This consultation also gives us a chance to see if we would be a good fit for each other.

Marketing Packages

Each of our packages is customized toward your needs as an author. They can contain anything from creating a newsletter, finding reviewers, or posting to Social Media sites for you. Which of course will free up your time to get your writing complete.

Pricing is another important item that I know your thinking of when it comes to using a company to handle your marketing. When it comes to pricing, we like to work within your budget, so when we discuss a package deal we will always talk about your marketing budget first.  Prices range from 100$ and go up from there depending on what your marketing needs are.

To get a quote for a package deal, please click the button bellow. You will be taken to a questionnaire, that will inform me of the type of package you're looking for and help me give you a price range.

An Hour Consult

Each one on one consult session will last an hour, you can purchase more time, but each session will last one hour. You, as the author, will have the chance to ask me any questions you would like, pertaining to marketing and your PR as an author.

I'll also share a few tips with you of what I would do if I were you. Before the session, I will take a look at your author website/blog and all your social media sites. That way I'll be able to come up with a small five-step plan to share with you during your one on one session.

After the session, you will get a link to the recording (If you choose to have the consult recorded through Google Hangouts), you will also get a copy of my notes and a copy of the five-step plan that I created for you to integrate into your marketing plan.

Each on hour session is $75


To Set Up A One on One Consult

To set up your one on one coaching session, you will need to click the button.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is something, in the past, we have added to our social media and marketing packages.  Now I have decided to add it as a service all on its own.

This is a package that will be charged by the hour and is locked in at a rate of $25 an hour.  The details of this package are discussed through a 15 to 20-minute consult before the contract is signed.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us today for more information on our Virtual Assistant package.

Ala Carte

We also have a few Ala Carte items that you can add, these items are only able to be added after a hour consult or a marketing package has been purchased. To learn more about these please contact me.