Mini Tip Monday: What Should I Blog About?

I’ve heard this question asked a million times. Some authors have no clue what they should post on their blogs and they aren’t even sure why they need a blog as an author. Guess what, I’m here to help answer these two questions today.


So as an author, it is important for you to build your readership and one way of doing so is by blogging. Having an author blog is something every author should have. The most important part of having said author blog though is to be consistent in posting.  Which of course brings me to the second question I’m asked frequently. What do I post on my author blog?
This is another easy question to answer, though to some it doesn’t sound easy it sounds more daunting than anything. So let’s break this down into a few small sections.
This type of posts is pretty simple. Mainly all you’re doing is letting your readers know what you’re up to as an author and even in regular everyday life. If you’re working on a book, tell them how that’s going. These posts don’t have to be huge, mainly a paragraph or two is a perfect size. 300 words is pretty simple for a post and won’t take up too much of your time.
Discussion Posts:
These posts will take up a little more of your time and will be a bit longer than an update post, but readers love them! You can make lists, pick a question and answer it, or even talk about your writing process. You can do so many different things with a discussion post.
Daily Posts: 
Now my main suggestion with these type of posts is to pick one or two days for these each week. These type of posts can end up being discussion posts as well. Some examples of these are #motivationalmonday, Teaser Tuesday, and Throwback Thursday. There are tons of different ones that you can choose from.  Do your research and find the ones you like then add them to your weekly blogging schedule.
These are just three types of posts you can make, there are tons more. Get creative and remember your readers just want to get to know you through your blog. Also, remember these posts don’t have to be huge posts, most people tend to not read anything on a blog longer than 500 words.  Another great tip is images, always add at least one image to your post. If you aren’t good with creating images try using a site called Canva, it’s free and easy to use!
If you would like me to add a resource page with some other blog post ideas, please comment below and I will put one together soon.
Hope you all have a great Monday!