Mini Tip Monday: Spruce Up Your Author Facebook Page


Alright, let’s talk about your author Facebook page! Each week, I’ll be posting a tip for you, something that will help you get on the right track to reaching your marketing goals. This week we are going to talk about your Author Facebook page. I’ve broken this post down into a few steps, so let’s get started!


Step One

First things first, do you have an author Facebook page? If not, what are you waiting for?  An author Facebook page is something you definitely need right away. It’s a way to connect with readers and even at times update them on your writing or when you have an event coming up. It’s a great tool to have as an author.  So that is the first step to this mini tip Monday, if you don’t have a Facebook page, get one now.


Step Two

If you already have an author Facebook page or you’ve created one and are wondering what now, you need an eye-catching header image and icon image. I highly suggest the icon image be an image of yourself, so people will know who they are talking to and following. The header image should be of your book or books.  Make sure it’s something that will grab the readers attention. It can even be an upcoming event image letting readers know about a signing or new release that you have coming soon.


Step Three

Post regularly, these posts can be something small letting your readers know your writing process or even something larger informing them of a blog post you just posted. These posts should be engaging and even something that readers will want to share with others. Images are a great way to do this, quotes are something that I see a lot of that if done the correct way can grab a reader’s attention. There are many different types of posts and topics you could share with your readers.


Step Four

This is our final step for this weeks post and it’s an easy one. Find time every day, even if it’s only ten minutes, to interact with your readers. They want to get to know you as an author or they wouldn’t have liked your page. So chat with them, ask them questions and answer the ones they ask you. This is so important!



Each week when I post one of these mini tip Monday posts, I’m going to give you something small to do to help with your marketing goals. Today’s marketing homework is this, spruce up your Facebook page. Post a new post or image, talk to your readers, do something that will gain you a few more likes on your page. This doesn’t have to be something that will take you hours to do, just take 15 minutes today and work on your Author Facebook page!