Let’s Get Out of that Mindset and Ask Why

Most authors in the publishing world have doubted their writing skills or doubted a story idea that they’ve been working on at some point in their author career. At least most of the authors I know have.




Writing slumps of any kind can be hard. Especially when you’re doubting your own skills. So whenever someone asks me what they should do in this case, I always ask them one question.  All I say is Why? Once I say this they usually get this weird expression on their faces and ask me Why What? Which in return tends to make me laugh.


After releasing the tension that their having a little with laughter, I then ask the question that I had meant in the first place. Why did you become an author?   This, of course, gets their attention and makes them think.  Makes them forget about their doubts and focus on the main reason they wanted to start writing in the first place.


Instead of beating yourself up over the little things and all the stress of being an author, you should be thinking of the reason you became one in the first place. After we chat about the reason they became an author, we talk about why they are doubting their skills or their story. It always comes back to that one powerful little word, why.


You can always fix writing skills, you can always make them better or learn something new. Same goes with a story idea, but you can never fix being an author, it’s who you are!


My Advice to You

So my advice to you today is to find a sticky note or a piece of paper. Write down the top reason you became an author. You can even take it one step further and write two reasons. After you’ve finished stick it near your desk on a bulletin board or tape it to the wall near the place you write. Keep it close! Then the next time you doubt your skills, look up at that note and remember Why! 

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