Is a Marketing Coach a Good Fit For Me?

Have you ever wondered how to market your book and don’t have anyone to ask? Or do you have all these resources, but have no idea where to start? Let’s talk about hiring a Marketing Coach and if a marketing coach would be a good fit for you.



Marketing is the #1 issue authors struggle with. Most authors spend their time writing their masterpieces, spending all their time and energy on their manuscript and they don’t even give a second thought about what the next steps are after it’s finished. Marketing your book should be something you should think about as well as writing. After getting your book published, what is your plan?  Are you going to just put it out there and tell no one about your book? No, why would you do that? You have to market to your readers, tell them about your book and get the word out there. That’s what marketing really is!

I see it happening all of the time, authors write a fantastic book and then they don’t sell a single copy.  It’s not because the book is bad, it’s because they have no clue how to market their book. It’s sad because all they would have to do is learn how to market their book correctly or hire someone to help them. I hear it all the time, “I know marketing is important but I have no clue where to start or how to market my book.”  This is where having an author marketing coach can help.

 What is a Marketing or Author Coach?

An author coach is someone who is there to guide you and teach you the process. Coaches help in many areas of the writing process. From someone to bounce ideas off of to setting up a writing schedule and keeping you on track with your deadlines.  Now an author marketing coach takes this one step further. They can do all of the above and they can teach you the steps of marketing your book. They usually create a plan for you and help you implement said plan. They can also add other services to their packages, such as posting on social media for you or setting up a blogging schedule.  Each coach is different on how they do things if your ready to take that leap make sure you find one that will offer what you’re looking for.

So The Question Remains

Is an Author Marketing Coach right for you? That’s only a question you can answer yourself. The main thing I can say is this, do you have the know-how and the time to market your book for yourself? Then maybe an author marketing coach isn’t for you.  If the answer is no, then you might want to think about hiring someone to help. Remember you don’t want to write a book and no one buy it or read it.

If you’d like more information on Justice PR’s coaching options, CLICK HERE to fill out a form for a free 15-minute consultation. It’s a good way to see if hiring an author marketing coach is a good fit for you.