How Soon Should I Put My Marketing Plan Into Action

Have you ever been so excited about your book and wonder if it’s too soon to start your marketing plan?  It’s time to answer that question.


The Answer

When it comes to marketing there is a certain path you should follow. Everyone always asks is it too soon to start my marketing plan? Is it too soon to get the word out about my upcoming release? To answer this, I always tell authors to ask themselves one question, when is the release? If the release of your book is in three months or less then start marketing now. If it’s more, wait just a bit longer.

What if My Book is Being Released Less than Two Months from now?

Now if it’s a lot less than two months, then you probably should have already had your marketing plan in action, but it’s not too late. You can kick it into high gear and get the word out. My only concern when it comes to a release being less than two months is the authors who want their book to release too soon and then don’t give marketing enough time to work it’s wonders. I’ve seen it way too many times, authors (self-published) select a date too soon to release their book and they forget about the marketing side of publishing. Then they wonder why they aren’t selling enough books. I don’t want that to be you.

First Steps for Marketing You Upcoming Release

So your first step, when it comes to marketing your upcoming release would be set a release date at least three months ahead and have a marketing plan set and ready to go. Also, make sure you have action steps to take throughout your marketing plan for each day. That includes what will be posted throughout social media.

Things to Remember

  • Marketing does take some time, so give yourself at least a three-month time frame
  • Don’t get too excited and release your book early
  • Have a marketing plan set up and ready to go
  • Have your action steps ready


If you have any questions about your marketing, feel free to ask them in the comments below. I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.