Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a few questions that I'm asked almost every time a potential client comes to my site.  If you have a question that's not here, please email me or fill out the contact me form and I'll make sure to answer it here.

Do we have to pay upfront before the services are provided?

Yes, to get started, you must pay that months service or the $30 for the one on one session. I do this mainly because I've done work for someone in the past and they ended up not paying.

Is one on one coaching recordable?

Yes, one on one coaching can be recordable. As long as you choose to go with the Google Hangout option. If we have our session on Skype or on the phone, then the answer would be no.

Do you handle blog tours?

Yes, I can set up and coordinate a blog tour. These do take a little bit more than a month to handle. If you're wanting reviews, then you have to give the bloggers/reviewers enough time to read your book.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, payments are handled through Paypal.